The Science behind Mindnasium

Mindnasium’s programs are based on evidence from three areas of scientific research:


What is the significance of neuroplasticity?

Over the past century our physical health has improved and lifespan lengthened. This begs a pivotal question:

How can we match “brainspan” to lifespan, so that we do not just live for a long time, but live fully?

Awareness and understanding of neuroplasticity places us in a better position to nourish our brain and to select brain fitness exercises to keep it fit and healthy across the lifespan.


What is the significance of happiness?

We all want to be happy and to have a meaningful life. We want the people we love to be happy too. And everyone else wants to be happy in their own way. So happiness matters to all of us.
And it’s not really superficial happiness that matters, is it? What really matters is authentic happiness – that underlying spring of wellbeing that allows us both to respect and enjoy the delights of life, but also to remain constructive and resilient in the face of adversity. Authentic happiness, wellbeing, flourishing, and resilience have been the subject of extensive research in positive psychology and related fields for the past few decades. Along with the brain’s capacity for constructive neuroplastic change, this research has shown significant evidence of human capacity for positive changes in our overall wellbeing.
While we may have some small influence on the happiness of others in our life, we can exert the greatest influence where our own happiness is concerned. This begs a further question.

Whatever we do, how can we best cultivate authentic happiness and wellbeing for ourselves and for others?

Awareness and understanding of empirically based happiness strategies that offer a “best fit” are one way in which we can grow our happiness and train positive habits of mind.


What is the significance of stress & relaxation responses?

Chronic stress is now recognised as being bad for our body and brain and the relaxation response is good for helping us heal at the level of genes in our cells so:

How can we diminish the effects of repetitive stressors in our life and trigger the relaxation response in the “right doses” to generate its healing benefits for our mind body?

Awareness and understanding of the range of activities and habits that can reduce chronic stress and can trigger the relaxation response places us in a better position to choose wellness activities that work best for us in our daily lives.

Evidence-based programs

At Mindnasium we have selected IT exercises and wellness activities that have been developed and tested by neuroscientists and psychologists and with results of clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals. The selected exercises and activities were proven to be effective in improving abilities used in daily life at home, work, on the road, recreational and intellectual pursuits. This means that when you choose your area of brain fitness, your program will have the right mix of exercises and cross training activities to make a real and positive difference to your confidence and the abilities you need for managing and enjoying everyday life.

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