How to access a program

It’s easy to do a Mindnasium program in a way that suits you, whether for personal, team or business needs. There are three simple steps to get started: 

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At the consultation session we may discuss questions like:

Who is the brain training for?

This includes consideration of whether the plan is for personal, group or business needs.

Who would you like to train with and how often?

Many people find that having a training buddy helps with motivation and attending a fortnightly group class helps sustain practice between sessions.

Do you have access to the Internet and a computer or iPad?

If you don’t we can explore alternative access points.

What time do you have available to train between sessions and how quickly do you want to see results?

The good news is that brain-training programs are highly flexible. Practice can be scheduled into short sessions and anything from 15 minutes to 45 minutes a day will help to build brain fitness.

What types of activities do you enjoy; what fully engages your attention?

Each plan will include a variety of activities and exercises that aim to be fun, to grow enthusiasm and self-confidence while contributing to building desired cognitive abilities and an understanding of how brain training works.

What would you like to achieve through brain training?

The training can improve abilities needed in daily life or work, which might include:

Improving attention and focusImproving memory
Seeing more & faster for things like road safety & better driving
Clearer hearing for things like learning a new language, for listening when there is a noisy background, understanding muffled speech
Building skills for better social interactions in customer service, team work
Fine tuning perception for sports & other activities
Reducing feeling of a “fuzzy” mind for better recoveryIncreasing efficiency for daily routines & work commitments
Reducing stress and mind chatter for a calmer & less distracted mind
More mindful & engaged with life
Improving suppleness, flexibility and agility of body & mindImproving confidence & curiosity to take on life’s challenges

How might you be able to cross-train your brain?

Cross-training boosts effectiveness of brain training exercises. This means using a variety of brain-training exercises that target different brain processes rather than sticking to just one activity or process. Cross-training activities can also include indirect activities for the brain such as social networking, aerobic fitness, taking time-out to relax and have fun, learning a new skill, mindfulness techniques and much more. It’s best to select cross-training activities that fit with your strengths and priorities. Ideally cross-training activities will not feel like an additional task but are something you might naturally do for fun and wellbeing.

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