About Mindnasium

Sue Brown, a former manager and educator, has established a new service, Mindnasium, to provide a fun and inspiring place for the mind to play. Mindnasium is like a gym that can help build fitness, but unlike the traditional gym it is not focusing on body fitness but on the brain’s fitness.

Sue is committed to letting people know that the normal effects of aging, such as increased distractibility, slower processing and memory loss are not pre-determined, nor inevitable. Developments in neuroscience, positive psychology and genomics have given us new insights into our mind-body connection. These sciences are providing us with tools we can use to maintain and even improve our brain fitness and sense of well being over the entire lifespan. The tools are mobile too; thanks to the Internet you can do the exercises anywhere and any time.

About Sue Brown

Sue began her working career in bilingual and special education fields. For the last twenty years she worked in a management role at Cerebral Palsy Alliance where she piloted, developed and managed a suite of allied health and individual family support services that use holistic, family centered and strengths based approaches to support inclusion in home and community life. Through her many years of practicing meditation she also recognised the importance of maintaining our faculty of attention because if we can’t focus our attention it is difficult to listen, converse with others, learn, work, play or even sleep well.

Interest in brain fitness was triggered when Sue was in a caring role for an ageing relative. She experienced first hand the stresses of caring and she observed the negative impacts of ageing processes on perceptions of independence, self confidence and joy in life. She also noted how a loss of independent mobility, such as driving, hastened this process despite the best efforts of formal and informal support networks.

Like many baby boomers who are in caring roles and also planning for their future, Sue wanted to find ways to maintain a happy and healthy brain that were backed up by sound scientific research.

Sue used her professional and personal experiences to shape the development of Mindnasium: a service that brings together evidence-based exercises and activities that are fun, relaxing, grow value and evoke a sense of play. Part of the service includes customising the mix of exercises and activities to be a best fit to individual needs, strengths and learning styles.



Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney Major Psychology

Dip Education, Sydney Teachers College

Master of Business Administration, Southern Cross University

Certificate in Meditation Teaching, IVHHD

Certificate in Chair Yoga Instruction, IVHHD

Certificate in Holistic Counselling, IVHHD