Our goal at Mindnasium is to make it fun and easy to train your brain to be fit, attentive and robust, and to cultivate relaxation and happiness.

The brain is a vital organ that we depend on in everyday life. It needs to be fit, happy and healthy if we are to make the best use of our abilities to think, learn, reason, imagine, create, problem solve, live constructively with our emotions, remember, make effective decisions and feel less stressed.

It is possible to train our brains at any age because of neuroplasticity. And science has found that brain-training exercises are best when they include novelty, surprise and a variety of challenges along with an attitude of having fun.

At Mindnasium we have assembled a tool-kit of evidence-based exercises and wellness activities that are fun, relaxing, grow value and produce their best results when practiced with a sense of curiosity and playfulness.


Interested in improving your brain fitness and brain health? When you come to the Mindnasium you get to play with exercises and activities that oil the mental

How to access a program

It’s easy to do a Mindnasium program in a way that suits you, whether for personal, team or business needs. There are three simple steps to get started:  At


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The Science behind Mindnasium

Mindnasium’s programs are based on evidence from three areas of scientific research: